“Coffee connects us all!

From farmer to importer, roaster to shop, and barista to the final brewed cup, there is something special about coffee that brings us all together. Even though most coffee shop owners wanting to open a coffee shop may have a love for coffee, for many, the primary passion behind opening a space is to serve their community. They want to create a place where people can gather and connect… where they can have dialogue and be in community with one another!

We believe that our society needs more safe places where we can have hard conversations and better relationships, and we’ve built La Terza to support businesses with these ideas. Starting with phenomenal coffee, our goal is to provide additional tools and business support to shops and restaurants so that we support more people opening community spaces and ultimately, continue to connect with one another over this phenomenal drink.”

-David Gaines, Chief Visionary

La Terza means “The Third.”

Here’s why…

Here at La Terza, we have adopted the philosophy of three. From crop to cup, we take pride in finding sustainably sourced coffee from small farms in three major coffee regions of the world. This is not only to promote a living wage for all, but to maintain amazing product quality, all the while ensuring that each small batch of coffee produced is meticulously roasted to its fullest potential and delivered fresh to you so that you can truly

Experience Phenomenal Coffee

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