Coffee Info Cards for Single Origins

Download and print these cards to learn more about the coffee you’re serving! These are excellent training resources for your staff and great to display for customers!

Check out the Third Place Podcast

We all connect through so many ways and on different levels. The Third Place can be used to describe your local coffee or tea house… It’s not your home, not your work, but a THIRD place where people gather, like a community living room! We will talk through how our businesses can support deeper levels of connection, as well as the different ways we connect: from intimate to social connections, personal and even how we can connect digitally, but in meaningful ways.

La Terza Coffee School

We love helping coffee shops open so much that we developed an online course for doing just that! Walk through the pivotal steps to open your shop and learn how to grow your space to make it a thriving pillar in your community!


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