Staff & Barista Training

Education is in our DNA

We are passionate about education and we welcome questions and conversations from coffee newbies to connoisseurs. We specifically designed our roasterie to be conducive to coffee tours and classes because we know that there is always something new to learn.

Making espresso drinks well requires a great deal of training and support, and we are here to provide that for your team. The La Terza brand is known for its high quality every step of the way, from the way our beans are grown down to the way baristas foam the milk. For the sake of consistency, we require training to your staff at no extra cost to you.

With any new wholesale account and equipment sale, our team of roasters and educators will equip your owners, baristas, and front-end waitstaff with the skills needed to make amazing drinks. Every coffee shop and restaurant is unique. Because of this, we are able to tailor a training program to fit your team’s specific needs.

Training typically occurs on-site at your location and at our roasterie. Topics include coffee fundamentals, the specifics of how to use your brewing equipment, and what is needed for daily cleaning routines and general maintenance. If desired, we can also teach team members how to serve coffee using manual brewing methods!

Weekend Classes

Beyond staff training, we offer additional in-depth coffee classes. These classes are designed so baristas, staff, and coffee enthusiasts can learn more about the art of coffee. Staff from our wholesale partners can enjoy the benefit of enrolling in ongoing public courses at any time, free of charge.

Sample classes include:

Espresso Fundamentals Workshop
AeroPress Brewing Class
Coffee Cupping
Automatic Drip Brewing Class
Manual Brewing Methods Explored

Cafe Flow

Knowing the best place to put your espresso machine, grinder, water filter, hand washing sink, and everything else is crucial to running a coffee shop or restaurant efficiently. We can help you strategically place your equipment in order to maximize workflow and increase productivity, creating both happy customers and employees.